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Dec 30, 2010

me , modelling & indie musics ~

modelling n indie music are like my own life ..
i ta boley idup tanpa keduanye .. ehee ..
its my soul .. its my life ..
luv indie music ;)
since i were small , i adore gyler nan modelling
mostly my fmily had a beauty body and nice shape
i da pasang angan2 yg i mau jd model bler besar nnt 
cam naomi campbell , tengku azura n other top models 
ehee dats my dream tym kecik2 dlu :)
but now i still want to become a model ~
i pena jd model when i'm still younger , ehee ..
mmg klakar gyler tym tuh cuz kecik ag en 
mne tau pape sal posing2 neyh . hee .
i da dpt byk offer jd model tp tolak sume cuz bz nan stdy ..

neyh pose style arabian .. tnkp pic sndri dpan cermin . hee :p

credit to my cuzin cuz tke dis pic :)

ehee bajet cumey jepp :)

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