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Jan 16, 2011

my lovee ~


me n besties ;)

heyy2 guyz! mish yaa! :)
whatcha doing ? it had been a long tym guk lar x update blog i neyh
todays story morry bese2 jew 
tetibe i miss sumOne n also miss my old fwenz out there ~
hmm mish u mish u!!

"love doesnt ask u to discard ur pride  
its about protecting person 
although my eyes keep searching for dat person
although my heart keeps constricting in pain

i believed dat it was not love"

i'm juz a little lonely , is wat i believed it was
like a fool , why i didnt figure it out ?
like a fool , why did i let u go ?
like a fool , my heart dats overflowing wit tears
finally , it has finally come to know
dat my love belongs to dat person alone
dat person is da only one who lulls my heart to sleep

in da past ,
i'd look at my fwenz dat were good in math
and i'd think wouldnt love be an easy problem
for them to solve too ?
i'd wonder bout dat ...
if love had an equation and u knew da solution
maybe we would not hurt each other
maybe we would not misunderstand each other
and maybe we could juz love ~
hmm , why do i know so little bout love ??
i can't tke my eyes off of u ...

me after class ~

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